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New Usage of e-Cert : Online securities trading at KGI

KGIKGI, one of the largest equity and futures brokerages in Hong Kong, has adopted e-Cert in its online securities services. You can now enjoy a more secure online trading environment by using e-Cert to place orders, amend or cancel buy/sell order instructions, enquire order status, etc. With e-Cert, your online identity cannot be easily faked by others. In addition, confidential data such as password and financial information are well protected during online securities transactions.

It is easy to get started. Once you have successfully applied a KGI online securities trading account, you can register to use e-Cert to login at Just associate your HKID number to KGI online securities trading account to finish the registration.

By trading with e-Cert at KGI, you can enjoy the following privileged offers:

  • Free real time snapshot market data - EasyQuotes (Hong Kong) (100 quotes/month)

  • KGI's online futures clients can enjoy FREE real time quotes & Intelligent Market Strategies services.