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New Usage of e-Cert : Online securities trading at KGI
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Electronic Time Stamping

Hongkong Post is partnering with The Chinese University of Hong Kong on providing e-timestamping service for the Internet and e-commerce community. Electronic Time-Stamping (e-TS) is a secure online notary mechanism, which certifies that a set of data has existed and has not been altered since a specific point in time. It serves as a trusted third party witnessing the existence and particulars of electronic data.

Regardless of the format and the content, any electronic data can be timestamped. e-TS can be applied to online business transactions, e-mails, secure messaging, intellectual property protection and other time-sensitive services.

A FREE trial to create your own timestamping is available online now. You can visit in Hongkong Post website or click to have a free trial and get more details.