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Material protected by copyright is called a "copyright work".
How long does copyright protection last?

What are 'copyright works'?

Copyright gives rights to the authors of the following kinds of "works":

· literary works - for example, novels, newspaper articles, lyrics for songs, and instruction manuals. Computer programs are also a form of literary work protected by copyright, as are some types of databases

· dramatic works, including works of dance or mime

· musical works

· artistic works - for example, paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, photographs, diagrams, maps, works of architecture and works of artistic craftsmanship

· published editions of literary, dramatic or musical works. Protection in this case is of the typographical arrangement of the edition sound recordings, in any form (e.g. tape or compact disc) - they can be recordings of other copyright works, such as music or literature, or other sounds films, including videos and digital video discs (DVDs)

· broadcasts and cable programmes, including satellite and encrypted broadcasts