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Anti-spamming measures
A checklist for Internet users to protect user's online privacy

Some practical tips on protecting data privacy online

First, we give a checklist that website operators can follow to ensure that they comply with the Ordinance's 6 principles. Then, we give individual Internet some general tips for protecting their own online privacy.
A privacy assessment checklist for website operators

This checklist of questions can be used by website operators to help them comply with the privacy protection requirements of the Ordinance:

1. How does my website use a visitor's personal information? Is it only for the reasons stated to the visitor?

2. Is the visitor notified about the purposes for collecting the information when it is collected?

3. Can a visitor opt in or opt out of a marketing database or emailing list?

4. Is the information collected and stored in our personal data's database accurate and up-to-date? This is particularly important for credit information data and medical data.

5. Can visitors get access to, change or remove any personal data that is collected and stored online?

6. Have I formulated a privacy policy for the website and if so, is it posted conspicuously on the website for visitors’ access?

7. Have I considered engaging a third party to carry out an independent audit of the privacy protection on my website?