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Reasons that website owners have to comply with the Ordinance
Post clear privacy policy statements

Prepare personal information collection (“PIC”) statements

Websites usually collect personal data from online users by asking them to complete forms.

Data Protection Principle 1 of the Ordinance requires organizations to clearly state their reasons for collecting personal data and Principle 3 states that this data can only be used for the reasons stated. Using information for any purposes that have not been stated may be in breach of the Ordinance. Therefore, websites should prepare and make available on-line a Personal Information Collection (“PIC”) Statement setting out the purposes for which the data collected are to be used. The Office of Privacy Commissioner suggests that the PIC Statement be laid out on the same web page as any personal data collection forms. However, the PIC could also be on another page, as long as it carries a clearly visible, well-described link to the page from which information is collected.