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Prepare personal information collection (“PIC”) statements
Giving special regard to youth and children

Post clear privacy policy statements

It is quite common for websites to have long-winded privacy policy statements. There are good reasons why this is the case. In order to demonstrate their awareness of and compliance with the six key principles of the Ordinance, most organizations collecting personal data online, usually prepare and make available an easy-to-find privacy policy statement that describes the organizations data privacy protection measures.

A privacy statement usually informs visitors of the organization's privacy policies and its practices in relation to personal data (for example the kinds of personal data collected and held and the main purposes for which the data are used.) Although organizations are not required to post privacy statements on every page of their website, websites are encouraged The Office of Privacy Commissioner to have them posted in a conspicuous place. The privacy policy statement should be set up as a linked page accessible from the home page and other pages from which personal data are collected. Most privacy policies are usually accessed by a link at the bottom part of each page.

The PCO has prepared a booklet called “Preparing Online Personal Information Collection (PIC) Statements and Privacy Policy Statements (PPS)” to help websites comply with the Privacy Ordinance. This is available at