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Universal v. Reimerdes (a.k.a. the NY DVD case)
Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI)

Pavlovich v. DVDCCA (the CA DVD case)

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD-CCA), a newly formed mouthpiece of the MPAA, is suing dozens of individuals who put DeCSS on their Web sites (in various places around the country and around the world), alleging that plaintiffs misappropriated trade secrets when they reverse engineered DVD technology. On December 13, 2000 the California Supreme Court granted defendant Matthew Pavlovich's petition for review based on lack of personal jurisdiction over him, sending the matter back to the trial judge to show why the non-California resident should remain in the case, marking a victory for EFF.

At issue: Same First Amendment implications as the NY case; also whether the pretense of "trade secrets" will enable companies to punish those engaged in lawful reverse engineering.