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Ensure security of data
Opt-out provisions

Observe direct marketing guidelines

The Privacy Commissioner has published a guideline document, "Personal Data Privacy and the Internet - A Guide for Data Users" to assist organizations comply with some of the more common applicable requirements of the Ordinance when they are collecting, displaying or transmitting personal data over the Internet. The guide has a section on "Direct marketing activities on the Internet" which emphasizes that organizations need to:

1 state that they are collecting information for the purposed of direct marketing, at the time of collection;

2 provide an opt-out choice to the individual;

3 maintain an opt-out list; and

4 set a policy on unsolicited advertising e-mails (spamming).

Businesses in Hong Kong who want to make use of direct marketing for the sale or promotion of their goods or services must comply with S.34 of the Ordinance.