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Licensing Multimedia Content
Musical Work and Sound recordings


Music is a very valuable type of multimedia work. When acquiring music-related rights, we must look into the divergent nature of rights surrounding music-related work.

According to the Copyright Ordinance, 'musical work ' means a work consisting of music, exlcusive of any words or action intended to be sung, spoken or performed with the music. Therefore, musical work means the music in its written form and not 'sound' representation.

A song sung by a famous pop-singer such as Andy Lau can be divisively shared among different owners or their agents. Licensing of those rights take forms provided by collective licensing agent such as CASH. If you have to produce a multimedia work using a song as the contnet, you may have to enter into agreement with a number of people such as author of the musical work, author of the lyric, music publisher, performing artist (i.e. pop-singer), record companies, performance rights organisations etc.