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Meta tags

Meta tags are words embedded in the HTML files of a web-page. It is not visible on a web page. It becomes visible on clicking the 'view source' of the program menu of Netcape, the browser. It is likewise in the case of Microsoft's Internet Explorer,. Meta tags contain data by way of keywords which enable search engines to "locate" the documents on the Internet through certain search engines. Use of appropriate keywords would enable easy search and hence location of a web-site. Some keywords are more famous such as MP3, music, sex. The most often quoted case is decided in the US. It is Playboy Enterprise Inc. v Calvin Designer Label, involving the Defendant's use of the word 'playboy' as keyword in the meta-tag. It was held by the Court that it amounted to an infringement of Playboy's trade mark and injunction was therefore granted. Hong Kong does not have any case directly related to the use of meta tags. It is not so clear as to what the Court's attitude would be if similar case happens in Hong Kong.

The following is an example: