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What is Copyright?
What are 'copyright works'?

Material protected by copyright is called a "copyright work".

Copyright does not protect ideas, or such things as names or titles.

The purpose of copyright is to allow authors to gain economic rewards for their efforts. By providing the authors with the 'exclusivity', it encourages future creativity and the development of new material. Most uses of copyright material therefore require permission from the copyright owner. The exclusivity is enshrined in 'acts restricted by copyright' under s.22 Copyright Ordinance.

There are exceptions to copyright protections. Those exceptions permits uses without the need of obtaining the copyright owner's consent. These are referred as 'Acts permitted in relation to copyright works' under Division III of the Copyright Ordinance.

Copyright protection is automatic as soon as there is a record in any form of the material that has been created, and there is no official registration or form or fee. That is the requirement of the famous Berne Convention to which Hong Kong is a member.