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Certificate Repository
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The conditions on using a digital certificate will deal with the liability of the certificate owner and the CA. The following is taken from the Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) of CA of the University of Science and Technology and are quoted here as an example:

Liability of Certificate Owner

Without limiting other certificate owner obligations stated in the CPS, certificate owners are liable for any mis-representation they make in certificates to third parties that, reasonably rely on the representations contained therein.

Liability of HKUST CA


· Does not warrant the accuracy, authenticity, completeness or fitness of any unverified information contained in certificates or otherwise compiled, published, or disseminated by or on behalf of HKUST CA.

· Shall not incur liability for representations of information contained in a certificate, provided the certificate content substantially complies with the CPS.

· Does not warrant "non-repudiation" of any certificate or message (because non-repudiation is determined exclusively by law and the applicable dispute resolution mechanism).