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Internet and Email Scams

Sometime in 2004, the Hong Kong Police managed to get hold of a Nigerian who have succeeded in cheating a lawyer employed at a leading Hong Kong law firm. The scam is widely known at “Nigerian Scam”. The police commented that it is hardly believable that someone could have been cheated in that way.

The power of the Internet has made it all too easy for these scams to flourish. The perpetuators can send thousands of emails without cost and then wait for someone to response. Sometimes, you may even receive the same messages by different email accounts you use.

Those looking for big business or easy big money (often falsely claimed to be having millions of US dollars) are often tempted by these scams. The scam messages sounds that you can get big money easily. If you are really tempted to take part it will inevitably make you lost money.

These scams often reach your business email box unsolicited and pretend to be highly confidential and private. They are typically known as "Nigerian Scam" or “Lotto Scams”. The tactics are the same although the “stories” may be different.

The “Westpac Bank Scam” is extremely dangerous because it will extract your ebanking details by posing as the valid Westpac Internet Banking site. Recently, perpetrators has begun the same scam with the St George Bank. In Hong Kong, quite a number of faked bank sites were discovered by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. All pretended to be sites licensed to practiced in Hong Kong.

The Lotto Scam

The Lotto Scam will send you an email announcing that you are the lucky winner of a lottery win, which could exceed 1 million US dollars, even though you have not participated before. The senders claim to be the lawful lottery companies and of course these claims are false and the emails are also false.

The following are instances pretending to be coming from the following lottery companies:

  • International UK Lotto.
  • Lottery La Primitiva from Madrid.
  • Lottery Winners International even involves Bill Gates!
  • nternational Lottery Netherlands.
  • Net Lottery International
  • Overseas Stakes Lotto International scam
  • If you respond, an application form will be sent to you for your filling. The blanks will seek information about your bank account or ask you to pay a sizable sum of money to cover security, insurance, or administration costs. When they have obtained your information and your money, you would no longer hear from them.