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Use of Digital Certificates on Internet Trading

Hong Kong Jockey Club's Online Betting Service (eWin)

Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited (Digi-Sign) is a recognised Certification Authority under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance. The ID-Certs issued by Digi-Sign can be used to authenticate a wide range of trade transactions online. ID-Cert holders can use their digital certificates with Hong Kong Jockey Club's eWin service for betting on the Internet.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club's eWin service is an efficient and secure way of betting on football matches, horse races and buying Mark Six. Through its website, you can access the latest odds and results, study the extensive racing information database. To make your online betting securely, simply use your ID-Cert with the eWin service.

Personal ID-Cert can be applied online at the secure web server of Digi-Sign.

More information on eWin service can be found on the Hong Kong Jockey Club's website