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Conflict between an Internet domain name and a registered trademark
HKSARG's website was hacked twice

Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited ("HKDNR")

HKDNR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation ("HKIRC"). It is the operation arm of the HKIRC.

It is responsible for the administration of Internet domain names under '.hk' country-code top-level domain. It assumed the responsibility of registration and assignment of Internet domain names ending with '.hk', '', '', '', '' , '' and ''.

The Board of Directors of HKDNR comprises 13 members from six different classes, namely "User Class", "Service Provider Class", "IT Industry Class", "Commercial and Industry Class", "Tertiary Institution Class" and "Government Class".

HKDNR is a non-profit -making company where it pays no dividends to its shareholders. It charges for Domain Name registrations in order to cover its operational costs. Domain Name registration fees are periodically reviewed. The Company will not scrutinize applications for Domain Names, other than in respect of technical restrictions and application qualifications. Nor will it make judgments as to whether the registration or use of a Domain Name infringes the rights of any third parties. HKDNR will employ latest technology to deliver cost-effective service to Customers.