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Provisions as to confidential disclosure, etc.
Concept of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

HKU Certification Authority (HKUCA)

HKU Certification Authority (HKUCA), run by the HKU Computer Centre, set up public key infrastructure (PKI) to issue HKU digital certificates (HKU-Cert) from 22nd September 2000 to current HKU staff and students (HKU members).

Personal: the HKU-Cert of a HKU member serves as his digital identity for him to authenticate himself and sign electronically in using HKU Electronic Services Delivery (HKUESD) of digital signature applications.

Server: from 1st February 2002, HKUCA also issues HKU-Cert (Server) to administrators of computer servers approved by HKUCA. The server named in a HKU-Cert (Server) can use the certificate in applications employing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

According to the University, HKUCA is not seeking Recognized CA status, as defined in the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, from the Director of Information Technology Services Department of the HK SAR Government. Therefore, HKUCA is not subject to the governing rules and regulations set out in the Electronic Transactions Ordinance.