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Offences on Hacking: Criminal Damage

HKSARG's website was hacked twice

HKSAR Government's website at was hacked twice on 10 and 11 of June, 2000. Hacker successfully posted insulting short messages of “ Own3d by the crows” and “ hacked by o analista” on the web page on 10 June and “Hacked by The Crows –Owned by id3nt FXXK Government!! Hacking for Justice”was shown on the page on 11 June. As a result, the website was forced to suspend. Fortunately, the website being hacked was a standalone website. It did not affect the websites of other government departments.

This was the first reported incident that HKSAR Government's website was successfully hacked. If the hacker can be arrested, he can be prosecuted for criminal damage (misuse of computer). However, the culprit was not traceable and it did not result in any arrest or prosecution.