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Use of Digital Certificates on Internet Trading
Conflict between an Internet domain name and a registered trademark

HiTRUST.COM (HK) Incorporated Limited


HiTRUST was incorporated in Hong Kong in August 2000. It is a joint venture of HiTRUST Incorporated and the New World Group.

Being a Recognized Certificate Authority certified by Hong Kong government as well as a VeriSign International Affiliate, HiTRUST.COM (HK) is specialized in the provision of managed digital certificate services to help enterprises sharpen its competence in the trust e-commerce world.

HiTRUST Incorporated

Founded in March 1998, HiTRUST's core business is the provision of solutions for secure eCommerce. In April 2000, HiTRUST.COM Incorporated was officially established with capital of about US$100 million. The major shareholders include Acer Group, HSBC, New World Group, AIG and VeriSign. The continuous growth of HiTRUST has been achieved through an unrivalled commitment to, and focus on, commercially successful, secure eCommerce.

Targeting the Greater China region, HiTRUST has been successfully providing leading-edge, trusted total solutions and customized, high added-value services including Commerce Content, eBusiness Operation, ePayment & eBilling, Financial Services Software, Application Server and eCommerce Security to the region's corporations, telecommunication companies, financial institutions and service providers.

HiTRUST's success depends on its product offerings and reputation for value and trust in the secure eCommerce industry. Early on, HiTRUST identified the opportunities developing in the region and has expanded its business operation into Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, by opening its branch offices and strategic investment in eCommerce related businesses. In the future, HiTRUST will continuously offer industry-leading technologies and services to customers in the Greater China region and its brand will remain at the head of the region's secure eCommerce industry.