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What is a digital certificate?
What's a recognised certificate in the case of e-Cert?

Facts about Hong Kong Post e-Cert

According to Hong Kong Post, e-cert (personal) is issued to individuals using face-to-face authentication at the Hongkong Post's branch office counter. The liability limit allowable by Hong Kong Post is set to HK$1 million. The validity period is one year.

At Hong Kong Post's web-site, the certification revocation list (shortly known as CRL) is available for public's access. The Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is currently updated 3 times daily at 09:45, 14:15 and 23:00 Hong Kong Time (i.e. 01:45, 06:15 and 15:00 GMT). Under normal circumstances, Hongkong Post will publish the latest CRL at "" or in the LDAP repository "ldap://" as soon as possible and within 15 minutes after the update time.