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New Offences under ETO
Exemptions in Schedule 2 of ETO

Exemptions in Schedule 1 of ETO

SCHEDULE 1 [ss. 3 & 50]

Matters Excluded from Application of Sections 5, 6, 7, 8 and 17 of this Ordinance under Section 3 of this Ordinance

1. The creation, execution, variation, revocation, revival or rectification of a will, codicil or any other testamentary document.

2. The creation, execution, variation or revocation of a trust (other than resulting, implied or constructive trusts).

3. The creation, execution, variation or revocation of a power of attorney.

4. The making, execution or making and execution of any instrument which is required to be stamped or endorsed under the Stamp Duty Ordinance (Cap. 117) other than a contract note to which an agreement under section 5A of that Ordinance relates.

5. Government conditions of grant and Government leases.

6. Any deed, conveyance or other document or instrument in writing, judgments, and lis pendens referred to in the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128) by which any parcels of ground tenements or premises in Hong Kong may be affected.

7. Any assignment, mortgage or legal charge within the meaning of the Conveyancing and Property Ordinance (Cap. 219) or any other contract relating to or effecting the disposition of immovable property or an interest in immovable property.

8. A document effecting a floating charge referred to in section 2A of the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128).

9. Oaths and affidavits.

10. Statutory declarations.

11. Judgments (in addition to those referred to in section 6) or orders of court.

12. A warrant issued by a court or a magistrate.

13. Negotiable instruments.