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Relevance between Digital Rights Management and their 'purchase'
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Electronic monitoring and workplace surveillance

As organizations adopt productivity enhancement policies and require employees to account for work in terms of billable hours, management is increasingly employing technology that can monitor and trace employees workplace activities. An example of this technology would be e-mail monitoring software that may record details of outbound and inbound messages sent from, or to, an E-mail account provided by the employer for work-related purposes. While most people would concede that it is an employer's right to be able to monitor, supervise and oversee employee's workplace behaviour, the use of information surveillance technology may potentially be in conflict with the data protection.

The following reading discusses the issue of workplace privacy. The sections entitled ‘Computer Monitoring’, ‘Electronic Mail and Voice’ and ‘Workplace Privacy Protections’ are most relevant to our discussion.

‘Employee Monitoring: Is There Privacy in the Workplace?’