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R. v. HUNG HAK SING and Another - [1995] HKCA 321; CACC000642/1994, 4 August 1995

Disclosure Records of Recognized Certification Authorities

In accordance with section 31(1) of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553) (the Ordinance), the Director of Information Technology Services must maintain for each recognized certification authority (CA) an on-line and publicly accessible record.

As at today, the following disclosure recrords are found on the following links:

1. Disclosure Record for Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited

2. Disclosure Record for HiTRUST.COM (HK) Incorporated Limited

3. Disclosure Record for the Postmaster General

Disclosure Record for Other Recognized CA

Currently, there is no other CA who is recognized under the Ordinance. Therefore, the above 3 CAs are the only recognised CA as at 23rd June 2004.

Archive of Disclosure Record for CA Whose Recognition Has Been Revoked

1. Disclosure Record for Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited