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Licensing of Musical Works
Relevance between Digital Rights Management and their 'purchase'

Digital Rights Management

Digital content is any type of digitised content of text, audio, visual, graphics and photos.

The use of the Internet as a channel for disseminating information has given rise to the problem as to how property rights in an electronic content products are managed. These digital content products are generally described as eBook, digital book, digital music, digital photos. The challenge of the Internet on these digital content products emerges out of the easy duplication, transformation through software and dissemination of the content over the Internet which is fast, trans-border and without cost barrier, and can be anonymous and hence not easily detectable or traceable.

Despite the challenge, digital content products remain to be a property protected by the copyright laws. The challenge remains to be a challenge. Digital rights owners have been investing on the effective management of there property rights through technology.

A digital property is digital content that is:

1. a proprietary right owned by someone who is usually the copyright owner or the authorised licensee, and

2. accessed electronically. Such access can be in the manner of viewing or playing on a computer, CD player, DVD player or MiniDisc Player or MP3 Player, depending on the format of the digital content.