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Recognition authority and Certificates
What is a digital certificate?

Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited (Digi-Sign)

Digi-Sign is the first private CA recognised pursuant to the Electronic Transactions Ordinance. Its recognition status was granted by the Director of Information Technology Services in July 2001 on application by Digi-Sign.

Digi-Sign was only set up in October 2000. Its services as a certification authority was prior to its recognition operated by Tradelink (full name being Tradlink Electronic Commerce Limited). Digi-Sign is therefore a spin-off and wholly-owned subsidiary of Tradelink. At the time of the recognition, Digi-Sign issues two classes of recognised digital certificate.The two classes of recognised certificates are called ID-Cert. They are issued by Digi-Sign under the Certification Practice Statement (CPS) issued by Digi-Sign.

  • Personal ID-Cert Class 1 and
  • Organizational ID-Cert Class 2
  • Reference : see 'Recognition Status' page at Digi-Sign's web-site.

    Like any other certification authorities, Digi-Sign publishes a CPS. It sets out the practices to register subscribers, verify the subscriber applications, manage and control the processing of digital certificate issuance, acceptance of the certificates by the subscribers, suspension and revocation of the certificate.

    To download the CPS, please visit the relevant page and link at the web-site of Digi-Sign.