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Factors accounting for increasing use of smart card technology
FAQ: Binding Nature of Electronic Contracts

Characteristics and Usage of a Smart Card

A smart card has the following characteristics:

1. a memory card or a microprocessor card;

2. disposable or reusable;

3. contact or contactless;

4. single purpose or multi-purpose.


1. access control and identification e.g. propose smart ID card by the HKSAR Government;

2. automatic fare collection for fares e.g. Octopus;

3. industrial automation applications in asset tracking, warehouse and inventory control, facilities and equipment management and manufacturing automation;

4. financial transactions in banking;

5. electronic purse applications in retail stores e.g. Mondex, VisaCash;

6. loyalty program such as frequent flier and frequent buyer bonus plan e.g. Compass Visa;

7. parking;

8. petroleum retail;

9. health care;

10. telecommunications application such as payphones and mobile phones network access.