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Concept of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Certificate Repository

Certificate Internal Database is a database to keep track of the pending certificate request, issued or revoked certificate, private Certificate Revocation List (CRL), etc. Only RA and CA have the rights to update this database. A web user interface will be provided for users to query the status of their certificate requests and any issued or revoked certificate. Various fields in certificate, such as serial no, expiry date, subject name, etc will be indexed. This will allow faster queries based on these standard attributes.

A high performance directory server, based on the IETF LDAP standard, is used as a public repository of Certificate Revocation List (CRL), user and CA certificates. Its design is based on the RFC 2587 schema. A standard LDAP interface will be provided to native client for retrieving certificate for applications like S/MIME or SSL client authentication.