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The CA Recognition Scheme
Assessment Report on CA

Basis of CA's Recognition

Recognition shall only be granted to those CAs that have achieved a standard acceptable to the Government. Section 21(4) of the Ordinance states that in determining whether the applicant is suitable for recognition, the Director shall, in addition to any other matter the Director considers relevant, take into account the following :

1. whether the applicant has the appropriate financial status for operating as a recognized CA in accordance with the Ordinance and the Code of Practice;

2. the arrangements put in place or proposed to be put in place by the applicant to cover any liability that may arise from its activities relevant for the purposes of the Ordinance;

3. the system, procedure, security arrangements and standards used or proposed to be used by the applicant to issue certificates to subscribers;

4. the report, referred to in section 20(3)(b) of the Ordinance, which contains an assessment as to whether the applicant is capable of complying with provisions of the Ordinance applicable to a recognized CA and the Code of Practice;

5. whether the applicant and its responsible officers are fit and proper persons; and the reliance limits set or proposed to be set by the applicant for its certificates.