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Mareva Injunction ('Freezing" Assets)
Committal to Prison

Anton Piller Order (Civil Search Order)

A Plaintiff may be able to obtain an injunction to against a Defendant allowing the Plaintiff to enter the Defendant's premises such as residence or office to search it and take documents or any other real objects which serve evidential value in the Plaintiff's claim against the Defendant. For example, this may include matters like pirated copies of CDs, master copy of the work for duplication, duplicator like CD copiers, printing equipment for fake packaging.

As in the case of Mareva Injunction, such application is normally done ex-parte i.e. made in secret without the Defendant's knowing. Mareva Injunction and Anto Piller Orders are very difficult to obtain. Orders will only be given to cases having good proof on relevant points. These orders are normally executed by the Plaintiff's legal representatives i.e. solicitors who are skilled on carrying out the terms of the orders into effect.

No force can be applied on the Defendant when executing the order. In case the Defendant refuses to allow the execution of the order e.g. refuse to allow the Plaintiff's entry into the premises, the Plaintiff should go back to court and apply for the Defendant's committal to prison.