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Some practical tips on protecting data privacy online
PCO’S Mission Statement

A checklist for Internet users to protect user's online privacy

The American organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( is a strong advocate of online privacy. It suggests the following twelve measures for Internet users to protect their privacy.

1 Do not reveal your personal information inadvertently

2 Turn on cookie notices in your Web browser, and/or use cookie management software or infomediaries.

3 Keep a "clean" e-mail address.

4 Don't reveal personal details to strangers or just-met "friends".

5 Realize you may be monitored at work, avoid sending highly personal e-mail to mailing lists, and keep sensitive files on your home computer.

6 Beware of sites that offer some sort of reward or prize in exchange for your contact or other information.

7 Do not reply to spammers, for any reason.

8 Be conscious of Web security.

9 Be conscious of home computer security.

10 Examine privacy policies and seals.

11 Remember that YOU decide what information about yourself to reveal, when, why, and to whom.

12 Use encryption!