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Digi-Sign Certification Services Now Available in Macau

Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited (Digi-Sign) announced today that TEDMEV (Transferencia Electronica de Dados - MACAU EDI VAN S.A.) and CTM (Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau, S.A.R.L.) have been appointed to market Digi-Sign's Super SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) certificates in Macau.

The cooperation provides a more convenient and efficient means for traders, government departments and major organisations in Macau to apply for digital certificates without the need to do it online or purchase from overseas organisations.

Digi-Sign's Super SSL Server Certificates:

They are issued to organisations which are the registered owners of the domain names or are otherwise authorised to use the domain names. The Super SSL Server Certificate is chained to the CyberTrust Root Certification Authority in USA. CyberTrust Root CA is embedded in most of the browsers including Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Digi-Sign's VPN Certificate:

It acts as a user or device passport to authorise the use of the VPN. VPN technology implements secure Internet protocol (IP) tunnels between their corporate sites as well as to business partners and remote users. The complete integration of Digi-Sign's certificates into proven VPN technology is suitable for corporations who require secure communications between their headquarters and branches, or between customers and suppliers.

Patrick Chung, Digi-Sign CEO and Tradelink Deputy CEO, said, "We welcome the opportunity of working closely with TEDMEV and CTM to promote secure online transactions in Macau. With the use of Digi-Sign's Super SSL Server Certificate and VPN Certificate, we can expect to see Macau a more secure and trusted marketplace for the conduct of electronic transactions."