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How to Demonstrate the Registrant's Rights to and Legitimate Interests in the Domain Name?
Assignment of .hk Domain Names

Practical Advice on Registering and Using a Domain Name

The registration of a domain name does not give the registered owner proprietary rights in the name. The name must be capable of passing through the tests that it does not infringe a prior trade name. Nor the name may commit passing off against reputable trade names and products. A third party possessing rights based on trade marks and common law's passing off can enforce its right against the registered owner of the name.

A domain name user must be cautious when registering domain names. He must refrain from registering a domain name similar or same as a famous trade mark or trade name can be liable for passing off and trade mark infringement.

Like registering a trade mark, the user should investigate the current usage of the name before doing the registration. This can be done by for example conducting trade mark search at Trade Mark Registry